{Impeccable} Girl of the Month: Soraya Bakhtiar

In the newest installation on She is Impeccable, I’m introducing a series appropriately dubbed Impeccable Girl of the Month where I’ll pay a brief style tribute to a sartorial gem I believe is enjoying a fashion renaissance that month.

This installation’s Impeccable Girl of the Month is London based fashion blogger Soraya Bakhtiar. This girl has crazy mad style from head to toe and quite possibly possesses the most envied wardrobe known to man woman. She also happens to be Persian! (Did you think I’d have it any other way)?! Okay, so she’s also part Egyptian, but leave it to a Persian to take full credit for fabulous style. Soraya enlists the perfect balance of high and low fashion, mixing pieces like Isabel Marant and Celine with Zara and Topshop, and never looks like she put one second more thought into her styling than needed. It was difficult for me to refrain from sharing every single picture from her personal style site with you as I’m constantly finding my jaw on the floor each time I visit her virtual closet which is filled with the hottest items of the day. It also seems she has a close and personal friendship with the designer we’re all infatuated with at the moment, Isabel Marant, because the Parisian designer somehow manages to be incorporated into every single one of Soraya’s outfits. Le sigh. At least we can live vicariously through Soraya. Just one more reason why Soraya Bakhtiar is this month’s Impeccable Girl of the Month.

Be sure to add Soraya’s blog to your daily fashion fix stops right this minute.



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