Oscar De La Renta Resort 2013

{Via Gypsy Rose}

Nobody can make us feel prettier, more ladylike, or feminine than Oscar De La Renta.  ODLR, always unapologetic about designing for the sophisticatedly refined lady, presents another classic collection for Resort 2013.  And the little mint and black number at the end?  Archetypal Oscar.


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One Response to Oscar De La Renta Resort 2013

  1. The Fashion Foot says:

    The pictures you posted are so stunning. The colors in ODLR’s resort collection are so rich and vivid! The princess looking dress that you showed near the bottom would be my ultimate pick if I had the privilege to choose a piece from his collection! It looks like it is made of real gold flakes! I also am impressed with how he redesigned the baseball T and made it into a classy silk garment. I actually wrote an article on the reinvention of the baseball T. If you are interested, check it out: http://thefashionfoot.com/2012/07/11/oscar-de-la-renta-to-redesign-the-baseball-tee/

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