Dior Succession {at Last} Revealed

{Jil Sander Fall 2012 via Fab Sugar}

The position has been filled. It’s been a little over a year since John Galliano’s anti-semitic tirade led to his demise and expulsion from the Dior house . Since then, the fashion world has been waiting with breath abated to see who would fill the role of creative director for the luxury label. The rumor mill has been swirling the past year and big names like Marc Jacobs and Elber Albaz have been thrown out there as possible candidates. However, it seems after a year of soul searching and regrouping, the Dior house has finally decided on Raf Simons, who has served as creative director for Jil Sander for the past 7 years. The designer is best known for bringing a strong feminine look to the label’s highly minimalistic aesthetic.

Simons’ first collection for Dior will be revealed in July at the Fall Haute Couture shows.  The curiosity surrounding Simons’ new post seems to be all the more highlighted by the stark contrast he holds to John Galliano. While Galliano was an excessively flamboyant character, Simons is quite the opposite and extremely low key. On his own thoughts of the succession, Simons says, “For me the strongest impact is the first 10 years of Dior, and how to link that to the 21st century”. He continues to say, “Because haute couture has few limits, it is already provocative”. I cannot wait to see how he reinterprets Dior’s classical days.  When speaking of his thoughts going forward, Simons adds, “I’m someone who takes responsibility. I’m not an isolated person. The more I connect to people, the more I have the feeling that things work”.  It’s a good thing for that, because what the Dior house needs most at this moment in time is someone who will take responsibility.

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