I am {99%}

And now for a different type of streetstyle. The type of streetstyle that we are blessed to see assembled in the peaceful fashion only really possible in a true democratic society. Unless you live under a rock which is covered by mounds of snow in Siberia, you’ve by now heard of the international movement that has become of the Occupy Wall Street protests. While some critics have delivered their fulmination of the protests by blaming the protesters themselves for being unemployed or underemployed (I’m looking at you Herman Cain), this movement has for the most part yielded a great amount of public support. And it’s for good reason too, because what has spawned from Wall Street and transported throughout the U.S. and the world is truly a demonstration of the efficacy of the human spirit and their right to assemble. Sure, many will argue the Occupiers have no real focus, lack a direct vision, while others will point out the absence of a tangible group leader in their congregation, but I believe what we see in the Occupiers is a new frontier in assembly. With the transportation of information being imported and exported at lightning speed thanks to the internet, dissidents no longer need to wait for the direction of a carefully appointed leader before they express their disillusionment. And therein lies the power in which great numbers can provide.

Incepted on September 17, 2011 in the Financial District of New York City, this movement began as a dissent against economic inequality in the U.S. and was inspired by the Arab Spring piloted by courageous Tanzanians, Egyptians, and Syrians, among other freedom seekers throughout the Middle East. In the span of a short month, this movement has morphed into a revolution not limited to one East Coast city in the United States. Protests in over 900 cities worldwide including San Francisco, Oakland, Rome, Chicago, Dublin, London, and Boston, have rendered this an international impetus and call for action.

Perhaps the official slogan of the Occupy movement in the U.S. has become the phrase “We are 99%”. In reference to the great disparity between 1% of Americans who hold most of the wealth in the nation and the remaining 99% of citizens, this battle cry has taken new shape in light of many of America’s elite expressing their solidarity with those 99%, even forming their own tumblr website entitled We Stand With the 99%.  How can you not dig that vehicle of human unity??  I guess I shall conclude by saying, if you are late to work because you cannot fight your way through the human crowd that has occupied your Financial District, please don’t hate, rather appreciate what these folks are trying to do for you and me.  If you still cannot locate it in your right brain to see the productivity this type of fancy loitering provides, then at least try to admire these people for taking the time to test our rights of assemblage and free expression.  You may need this information for a rainy day!

And now, for my absolute favorite piece of streetstyle of the day:

Take it from this girl, (who actually strikes a remarkable resemblance to the Kardashians, no)? I digress. Honestly though, if you can name all of the Kardashians, but you have no idea why protesters are Occupying, you need to check yo’ self before you wrikkadi’ wreck yo’self!

{Images via Huffington Post}


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