Giorgio Armani S/S 2012

{Via Fashion Gone Rogue}

Giorgio Armani never has any tricks up his sleeve. Tricks are for kids, and Armani has no time to mess around, and neither does the woman whom he designs for. The Armani woman has a maturity level far above what I will ever reach in my lifetime. I’m joking. Not really. O.K., I am totally joking. No I’m not.  See what I mean?


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One Response to Giorgio Armani S/S 2012

  1. marcia19971025 says:

    I agree with you. Giorgio Armani is the master of his game, with his dangerous yet exquisite silhouettes and amazing fabrics. Coco Rocha, one of my favourite models, looked beautiful.

    Ah, I see what you did that, and I agree with you. I never seemed to be mature enough for my age.

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