Sarah Palin’s Tour de Confusion: Is She or Isn’t She?

Image via Gawker
Image via The Daily Beast

Sarah Palin’s idea of honoring fallen war heroes on Memorial Day? A photo-op of her pretty little self straddling a Harley of course! Damn, she be a genius of a woman that Sara Louise! While Palin’s tour of self promotion may seem essential for someone whose career is based on running the media in circles so that she may extend her holiday in the spotlight for as long as possible, the ex Alaska governor’s current bus tour may actually serve a constructive purpose. Unfortunately, Sarah Palin’s ability to be direct in her actions, is apparently just as direct as the cloudy statements that come out of her mouth. Is this woman running for presidential office or not?

In true Sarah Louise fashion, the former governor attempted to clear the air about her “One Nation” bus tour by stating, “This isn’t a campaign bus, this is a bus to be able to express to America how much we appreciate our foundation and to invite more people to be interested in all that is good about America and to remind ourselves we don’t need to fundamentally transform America, we need to restore what’s good about America.” Huh? If anyone can decipher an intelligible focus in that statement, please fill me in, because I would love to know.

According to a Palin team representative, it won’t be too long before we know Palin’s final decision on whether or not she will run a 2012 campaign. According to the Palin insider, the “One Nation” bus tour is to serve as one final barometer of Palin’s presidential outlook by measuring the enthusiasm of those who receive her in the areas she ambushes with a surprise visit. According to this theory, if we see the Palin tour de confusion come to a blunt halt, it can be deduced that the Palin team felt they did not receive the intense energy needed to run a campaign. Contrastingly, if we see Palin continue her tour and you hear she’s headed for your neighborhood next, we can be pretty sure of her announcement to run in the 2012 campaign.

Yet again, Sarah Palin manages to trump all other news with her charming antics. Love her or hate her, one thing’s for damn sure: If the other GOP contenders who have declared their real intent to campaign in 2012 would learn a thing or two from Sarah Palin in regards to inducing momentum around their platforms, they may be able to take us out of the national snooze-fest they’ve put us under.

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