2011 Annual Costume Institute Gala Commemorates McQueen

Fashion goddess Anna Della Russo (Never heard of her? Google now!) in Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci (Image via Elle)
Margherita Missoni and Joy Bryant in Missoni (Image via Style)
Sofia Vergara flower bombshell in Carolina Herrera (Image via Style Bistro)
Something tells me this look will not please the masses! Ashley Olsen dresses to please no one but herself, in a beautiful vintage Dior column dress with Renaissance inspired sleeves (Image via Elle)
Zoe Saldana a refreshing ray of sunshine in Calvin Klein (Image via People)
Model Doutzen Krous in Giambattista Valli with the designer (Image via Style)
Designer Diane Von Furstenberg in her own design (Image via Style)
Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen from his Fall 2005 collection (Image via Style)
Image via Elle

Dating back to 1948, the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York has held its annual benefit gala honoring costume art from all stretches of the globe in a star studded and exorbitantly cultured affair, and this year was no different. Each May, the Costume Institute Gala approbates a specific theme or designer in fashion as the museum’s spring exhibit is unveiled to a select few who have gained access through their fundraising support for the institute, and who attend the event showcasing their own interpretations of pulchritude through extravagant ensembles, just before the exhibit is open to the masses.

This year’s exhibit entitled, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, is a collection of approximately 100 of the late designer’s most ingenuous pieces, including the memorable Kimono Jacket among others, and seeks to illustrate McQueen’s role in the development of fashion as a communicative medium. McQueen, who is revered as a modern designer who broke boundaries through designs which challenged notions of identity, politics, and culture, will be very much alive throughout the exhibit as an active narrator of his own work illustrated in the form of recorded quotes and media imagery. “I want people to be afraid of the women I dress,” one quote states in introducing a work from the designer’s tenure at Givenchy.

If McQueen’s spirit was not on display hauntingly enough throughout the museum’s exhibit, his apparition was certainly displayed on the bodies of throngs of Gala attendees who paid homage to the designer by wearing his pieces. If this year’s gala clarified anything, it was to remind those in the fashion industry that the harrowing wounds brought on by McQueen’s death one year and three months ago have not nearly diminished. In the span of his not too long career, Alexander McQueen was able to push the boundaries of fashion, leaving the landscape transformed forever. When this exhibit is open to the public tomorrow, people will have an opportunity to witness the impact McQueen has controlled over the fashion landscape and catch a rare glimpse into the world of a troubled architect who created wonderful works of art. A trek to New York seems in order right about now.

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2 Responses to 2011 Annual Costume Institute Gala Commemorates McQueen

  1. I loved learning about this event! I can’t wait to view the exhibit! Maybe this week?!! 🙂

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