A Lesson in Wrist Stacking

Holy wrist cage! Hermès Fall 2011 (Image via The Sartorialist)
The Man Repeller always gets it right
Arm candy or Man Repellant?
Stacking mis-matched time zones via The Man Repeller
Wrist stacking por homme! Men can have fun with wrist stacking too! (Image via The Sartorialist)
Tres’ chic! (Image via The Sartorialist)
Happy orange stacked chains via The Sartorialist
Lucky charms meet Balenciaga skirt (Image via Jak & Jil)
Chains and tatter galore! (Image via Jak & Jil)
Stacks meet tassle (Image via Jak & Jil)
Friendship bracelets (Image via Jak & Jil)
Stockpiling Hermès at Paris Fashion Week via STREETFSN

Very few accessory staples have been as ubiquitous to the fashion landscape in the past few seasons quite like the stacking of seemingly unnecessary objects stockpiled on the wrists of fellow blue-blooded trendsetters á la mode. Check out the above depictions chronicling the wrist stacking frenzy in question! Here is your opportunity to pile on high luxury in juxtaposition with invaluable heirlooms passed down through your mother and grandmother, and also find a home for the dainty and fragile band you love so much in which you received from your favorite uncle when you were a little girl. Tell me, how does your wrist stack up?

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2 Responses to A Lesson in Wrist Stacking

  1. Serena says:

    I am soooo loving this look for spring/summer- so into it that I started making my own & selling them- you should check ’em out 🙂


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