Trump to Make HUGE announcement…Sike

Image via Page 2 Live

The Trumpster’s idea of being fiscally conservative in lieu of the recession? Kill two birds with one stone by scoring the highest ratings possible for Celebrity Apprentice by making an official announcement of your run for president.

Donald Trump’s idea of making an official announcement to run for president is however, apparently just as “official” as President Obama’s birth certificate authenticating he was indeed born on U.S. soil. Please try to follow me here: Donald Trump has just made a huge announcement that he will make a huge announcement on the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice in which he will then proceed to let us know of the announcement date of his huge announcement which is that he may or may not be running for the President of the United States. If you find yourself perplexed by the above mind twister, don’t you worry. You are not alone.

All this hyped up attention seems to be working for the Trumpster’s ratings however, not to mention his ego which has resulted in an uncontrollable growth in his cranium by enough inches to stymie his toupee from harmonizing with his head the way it used to. Meanwhile, another perfectly sane Republican, Tim Pawlenty, has actually made an actual statement of enrolling in the race while the press looks the other way (or more accurately toward Trump’s direction) without a single reverberation of interest paid to him.

As the GOP continues its quest for its next group of recruits, one thing is clear: Donald Trump is the star of this show, even if he doesn’t have any real intention of running.

Peep the full story here

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