Bristol Palin Makes How Much?!?

Image via People

Spawn of political attention whore also known as Bristol Palin has released her tax records for the year 2009 and it concludes that we all need to get out and get knocked up by a trashy lowlife immediately. Records show the “independent contractor” made a whopping $262,500 for traveling the country and warning your kids not to get pregnant like she did. Let me put this in prospective for you just in case you may be fuzzy on the value of $262,500. A well established general dentist in his or her prime, after busting his or her ass with at least 8 years of higher education under his or her belt will be comfortable to cash in on about $150,000 a year (before taxes). Bristol Palin on the other hand, who has not attended college, can attribute her success to having a mom who is famous for tramping it up all over the political stage and bequeathing the trampiness gene to her daughter so that she may respectfully have a child at 17 with a plebeian Playgirl model. Irony is a son of a bitch however, and it appears the only way one can make $262,500 by traveling the country to warn innocent children about not getting pregnant in their youth is by actually doing it yourself first. I guess the old saying is true: Those who can’t do, teach. And those who can’t teach, get pregnant.

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