Royalty 2.0

Official Carriage of the Princess Bride (Image via People)
Substitute carriage in the probable event of uncooperative London weather conditions (Image via People)
(Image via Zimbio)
(Image via Zimbio)
(Image via Zimbio)
(Image via Zimbio)

In the modern day era when chivalry is considered to be dead and a fairy tale ending is thought to be a divorce which ends amicably and due only to irreconcilable differences, Prince William and Kate Middleton have energized a world over with their illustrious romance juxtaposed of the old and new.

With the royal wedding only 5 weeks away, the Kate-watching frenzy is already in full effect, and rightly so. The girl’s a foxy style icon in her own right, the likes of her unseen since Princess Diana and Grace Kelly. However, she brings something fresh to the table that even Diana and Kelly were not familiar with in their reigns: A fierce level of confidence with a modern tang. In other words: Middleton is Princess 2.0.

And while avid Kate-watchers will not be offered an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the historically destined wedding dress before April 29, reports have confirmed that the Princess Bride will be transported with her father to Westminster Abbey in a 109 year old royal carriage originally built for King Edward VII. In the very likely event that the London climate is uncooperative with the grand occasion, the future princess will instead be transported to the Abbey via the glass coach used to deliver Princess Diana to her wedding 30 years before.

In lieu of a new era, Kate and Prince William are emblematic of a new epoch of royal dynasties and are a manifestation of fairy tale romances which do indeed exist. Signal the stopwatch ladies and gentleman. The royal countdown has begun.

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