Reintroducing the Flare

Flaring it up at New York Fashion Week (Image via The Sartorialist)
How you flarin’? (Image via The Sartorialist)
Zoe Saldana puts her best flared foot forward (Image via The Vogue Diaries)
Olivia Palermo plays the role of a khaki toned goddess of the flare (Image via The Vogue Diaries)
Perfect proportions via Hanneli

Returning from a few seasons of hiatus, the flare and her first cousin the bellbottom have bounced back in a big way. This is not the first time the trend has been recycled, as the flare and the bellbottom have come to be known as somewhat notorious for their fluctuating presence around the fashion sphere. For me, the flare and bellbottom are like the soul food of clothing; comforting, dependent, and always lifting my spirits when I’m down. And while our beloved skinnies aren’t going anywhere just yet, it seems the flare and the bellbottom will enjoy center stage for now. Although the role may be guest starring rather than permanent lead, we’ve certainly learned from past experience to never forsake our flared and bellbottomed stem wraps once the trend does indeed fade out again. They may step down for a while in order to allow bottoms of another contour to shine, but the flare and the bellbottom will always be back to comfort us with the familiar sensibility they provide, and that is why we love them.

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2 Responses to Reintroducing the Flare

  1. Marco says:

    Interesting! My mother told me over the holidays that the flare was coming back and I would not believe her for the sake of me. Guess mommy proved me wrong again!

  2. BEA says:

    I wish I was tall enough to rock those flare jeans. By the way, what is the difference between flare and bellbottom? I’ve always thought they were the same. ^^”

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