Just in Case you Forgot…

Remember that Arizona congresswoman who our news media outlets were consumed with until their ADD complex kicked in again as soon as Egypt began revolting? Her name is Gabrielle Giffords just in case you like fickle news media agencies forgot. Thedailybeast.com reports she has hit yet another milestone in her recovery since she was shot in the head last January by making verbal requests and using speech as a way of demonstrating her unexpected and speedy recovery. While the news surrounding the unrest in Egypt is surely compelling and significant, Giffords deserves our due attention because she exemplifies the all impeccable woman. Putting her personal stance on social and political policies aside, we can appreciate her for what she is: An individual who exemplifies the magic of human strength in times of adversity. Thank you Mrs. Giffords, for reminding us of that. We needed it.

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